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We love working with small businesses, startups, entrepreneurs and innovative enterprises regardless of size to achieve their maximum online. While it’s possible to become successful without the use of technology, it becomes harder and harder in this day and age.

Over the years, Eidelberg Lee Group has worked with numerous innovative startups, and is entrusted to become technical partners for some. Eidelberg Lee Group was founded in 2016 by Paul M. Lee and Eric Eidelberg in our headquarter Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Since our Hong Kong office’s opening in 2017, the Eidelberg Lee Group operates seamlessly in two continents. Be it with helping you develop your web presence, compliment your business with cloud based web-apps or helping you with technical consultation, UX design or implementation of your startup’s app, we’re happy to help!

Our goal is simple: making cloud solutions accessible for innovative enterprises, regardless of size. Talk to us to know how we can help your brick and mortar or online business improve and grow or get started on that startup app!

Founder / Chief Executive Officer

Paul Lee

Co-founder of the firm, Paul is an entrepreneur and investor deeply involved in Startups with an illustrious career in technology, logistics and advertising. Born in Hong Kong raised in Canada, Paul started his entrepreneurial career in parallel of his bachelor’s degree in psychology at the University of Calgary and continue to contribute as a member at the Industry Advisory Board to the Department of Computer Science to this day. A keen learner and a true advocate of innovation, when he’s not in our office learning about new technologies and business strategies, you’d probably catch him trading cryptocurrency around the clock.

Founder / Chief Technology Officer

Eric Eidelberg

The other co-founder that gave the firm its namesake, Eric is the firm’s technical head. Self-identified as a tech wizard, he’s got the chops to support it: having worked with IBM and involved with multiple startups, he’s the principal consultant of all IT project that comes through the door, and the leader of our developer team. As an industry expert in the applications and formulation of artificial intelligence systems who is passionate about nurturing the next generation developers, Eric allocates much of his own time teaching AI and machine learning in the University of Calgary. While others travel for leisure, Eric enjoys travelling around the world to compete in hackathons, his most recent win came from the Holy See — leading members from our technical team of Eidelberg Lee and others, they have just won the Vhacks, Vatican’s first ever hackathon.
Partner / Chief Business Development Officer

Tom Wan

Raised in a family of entrepreneurs, professionals and scholars, Tom lives two lives at once: one an academic, one an entrepreneur. As he conducts his research for a think-tank in Hong Kong, he also writes about global politics and economy on newspapers and online agencies in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Mainland China, while giving commentaries for TV and radio outlets in Hong Kong and Malaysia. As an entrepreneur, Tom benefited greatly from his stints in research and financial journalism, combining with a skill-set he picked up from his experience in business development for his family business. Coming from a family of fine wine merchants, Tom appreciates vintage Italian wines and dinner parties with friends and family.
Partner / Chief eXperience Officer

Jack Lee

Multi-media renaissance man, Jack started his creative career during his time at University of Calgary in films and visual arts. Having worked with brands such as Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, Holt Renfrew and ADON, Jack started from filming/productions and then ventured into graphic and UI/UX design. Having developed his cross disciplinary expertise in design and branding, he is now head of both Hong Kong and Canada’s UIUX teams, Jack’s talents shone through the works of our clients. Jack lifts, a body building advocate and city-life lover – if you miss him in the office, catch him in LKF over the weekend!
Partner / Chief Operations Officer

Garmann Lee

Fashion model and entrepreneur, Garmann is the ultimate embodiment of girl power. Coming from a family of fine jewelry merchants, Garmann picked up her experience in running operations for her family business and working with Prada Group Canada. Garmann oversees all operational details of Eidelberg Lee Group internationally. With her deep ties in the fashion and advertising industry, Garmann gives the firm much needed creative input and is a consultant for our UI design and digital marketing projects.
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While the directors above are the heart and soul of our company, none of our projects would have been possible if it wasn’t for our large and growing employee and contractors base. These people make Eidelberg Lee the incredible company that it is. We take pride at being able to attract the finest talent and ensure that their creativity and professional skills are challenged every day!

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