Artificial Intelligence


For tens of thousands of years, intelligence was what separated humans from other animals. That being said, in the last few decades, computers have gained some of the ability to perform tasks that humans were traditionally performing. Computers learned to “see” the way humans see in some cases, enabling automatic processing of written forms and documents. Computers learned to “understand” some of the human language, making chat bots, sentiment analysis and sorting systems possible. Finally, computers learned to “reason” – this allowed computers to search through a large possibility space and find good unique solutions to problems. This ability to search is extremely useful, as it is a very general ability that can be harnessed to perform based off the exact business needs of a customer.

At Eidelberg Lee, we are proud to offer some of these systems and help integrate them into client’s applications, be it advanced cloud application or mobile applications for iOS and Android. While certain people focus on theoretical ethical questions, others understand that Artificial Intelligence is a tool for humans to use – just like a screwdriver or an axe. Used by greedy corporations or evil interest groups, it can be a dangerous tool indeed. That being said, the most common use of these tools are the handymen versions – specific programs to process documents or images to provide valuable data operations or automate tasks.

Below are a few use cases that we have worked on at Eidelberg Lee.

Computer Vision

The ability to detect features in images and perform pre-determined operations. There is a growing demand among clients to automate tasks that historically required a human in the loop. One application on which Eidelberg Lee worked involved a radar detection system, in which a computer was required to determine the difference between background noise and a valid identification of a vehicle. If a vehicle was located, alert message was sent to a human operator.

A common client requirement is to work with security cameras and observe license plates of vehicles. These licenses need to be first identified from an image using a bounding-box and later extracted and converted to text. While humans deal with this task naturally, there are a few systems in place to allow a computer perform this task. With such a system, monitoring of parking lots, access roads and remote assets no longer requires an army of security guards. This also dramatically increases the effectiveness of many systems, as processing can happen 24/7 – computers do not sleep and cannot be bribed!

Another common requirement for computer vision systems is to work on document processing, using Optical Character Recognition. This can be done on hand written forms and to analyze images of official identification documents. Imagine a system where a user has to validate their age by uploading a driver license or a passport image. In the past, a human had to view the picture and extract relevant information such as the client’s first and last name, age and nationality and manually enter it into the system. This required dedicated positions in the business that handled the information processing. It was slow, error prone and expensive. Enter OCR and computer vision. Today, tasks like these can be performed by computer programs to ensure fast, accurate and secure processing of data.

We at Eidelberg Lee are excited to hear what your business needs and how computer vision systems can help automate and streamline your operations! Contact us today for a free consultation – we would love to share our growing experience with this amazing technology.

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Humans communicate in many languages, using many complicated communication channels. Some are verbal, others are non-verbal. Natural Language Processing deals with the task of having a computer understand what humans are saying and extract useful information out of it. While this field is young, it has some very successful applications in the areas of Chat Bots and helps many businesses transform chat longs into quantitative data from which insights can be gathered.

It is important to remember what NLP cannot do. It is not a silver bullet for user interaction. We see tech-giants such as Amazon, Apple and Google attempt to create technology that speaks and listens, and by all reports this is at best a mixed success. Computers cannot replace human interaction. What they can do, however, is automate user redirection to the right agent and helps provide the agent with context and the tools to deal with the problem quickly and efficiently. They can also help analyze text data and extract important data out of it, securely and efficiently.

Eidelberg Lee is very passionate about how computers can help automate your tasks and make your business smarter. We absolutely love working with innovative businesses and cannot wait to work with you! Please reach out to us for a free consultation and let’s start making a difference.

Expert Optimization Systems

Are you working on a very hard problem? Are you trying to find a great solution to a problem that has millions of solutions? Is that problem extremely general and you would like to create a process to address a wide range of complex instances? Then maybe these expert systems are the solution for your business.

Using a wide variety of learners and search processes, Eidelberg Lee can work with your business to find the right mix. For some businesses, this might involve a neural network based classifier that helps distinguish different cases into correct buckets. Other businesses might need optimizers for a wide array of parameters into their business process, at which point we can help and create an evolutionary system that tries millions of options to determine some of the best available ones. The possibilities of these systems are incredible – it all depends on your business case and how these artificial intelligence systems can help. Contact us for a free consultation and let us help you transform your business today!

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Artificial intelligence (AI) is growing every day at a furious rate, and with it, the statistics surrounding the industry and the various industries it’s revolutionizing are changing. It seems as if a new AI startup pops up every day with the purpose of changing the way we think, interact and work on a day to day basis.

AI can increase business productivity by
Devices that we currently use that feature one form of AI or another
Global business organizations that believe that AI will give them a competitive advantage.
Leaders in both the business and technology industries that believe that AI helps increase productivity in the workplace.
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