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At Eidelberg Lee IT Soltuions, custom cloud applications are where our real passion lies.

Sometimes, a simple web page is not enough. Maybe you have a specific business use case that you would like to address or perhaps you testing out a new business idea. In any case, before dedicating a large amount of time and resources into a complex solution, we strongly encourage our clients to test everything with a custom cloud web solution.  This can easily be accessed by almost any device with Internet connectivity and can be configured to support almost any size and scale!

But what are custom cloud applications? Let us break it down:

 Custom stands for specifically tailored to how you and your business operate. Each business is different and has different needs. We strongly believe that we should be developing solutions that fit your business and not the other way around, where we try to write one-size-fit-all software and attempt to convince you that your business should change and do things the way we require. 

Cloud brings in a new world of technology and puts it at your fingertips without any need of physical infrastructure. Gone are the days that you had to maintain a huge server rack in your building’s basement, praying every day that it doesn’t catch on fire. It removes the need of physical security measures and makes data backups and recovery in a case of emergency a breeze. It also allows our team to deploy security and stability updates remotely and seamlessly – usually in a matter of minutes without your application experiencing any major downtime. We base our cloud services on Amazon’s extensive cloud infrastructure. Amazon offers localized server farms for users all over the globe, helping us meet regulatory needs as more clients require their physical servers to be moved outside of the United States. 

Applications really could mean anything and would strongly depend on your business need. Some businesses simply need a Content Management System (CSM), such as a tour agency managing different destinations and tours. Different attributes for different system components can be defined, with different user types determined and different privileges given. Other business needs might require a Customer Relationship Management (CRM). This system could include additional features such as coupon services, returning user discounts, loyalty points, payment processing gateway integrations and many other options that deal with the customer journey. Other components might include reporting functionality, where custom reports can be created and sent to key users based on the system of the system – these can be purchase confirmations for clients, potential customer inquiries sent to administrators or system reports sent to the owner of the business to notify of major system changes.

Regardless if you are an established business or a person with a great start-up idea but no technical team, we at Eidelberg Lee are excited to meet and talk to you how to make your business needs a reality in the shortest amount of time and with the least cost associated. We are always happy to work with in-house teams or integrate 3rd party solutions. Come talk to us today for a free consultation appointment!

Technical details

Our team has strong technical skills in most modern frameworks. We developed systems in PHP 5.6 and PHP 7, Python, Node.js, .NET and many more. Each client has their own unique set of circumstances and we take everything into account when consulting on which technology to use.

That being said, a lot of clients should not worry too much what technology they choose. Unless there are legacy systems in place, we often encourage you to think about your business needs and worry about business growth – we’re happy to abstract the trouble of technical frameworks away from you. This does not mean that you shouldn’t know what happens behind the scenes – we are happy to give a costs and benefits analysis on any technical decision you might have.

AI and automation systems

We live in the wonderful age of information. Computer programs can make our lives much easier, streamlining many processes that required human interaction in the past. This helps businesses operate faster, safer and with less operational costs. Some of these computer programs have been available for decades, blocked only by market adaptation and the lack of awareness of how computer programs can help. Other techniques, mostly from the Artificial Intelligence domain, have developed relatively recently, opening use cases for Computer Vision, Natural Language Understanding and Processing and Data Mining, as well as various learners and expert systems. These sit at the foundation of marketing solutions, business intelligence gathering and task automation solutions.

We are more than happy to talk to you about how your business can benefit from these solutions. Book a free consultation today!

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CRM, marketing automation, and website visitor intelligence are the top three used marketing-technology tools for companies that are advanced in account-based marketing (ABM) strategies.

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